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Preparing for a suit fitting can feel overwhelming. If you’ve ever been to a tailor before, you’ll know that there are decisions to be made and pins to dodge. At Oscar Hunt though, we strive to take the fuss out of the tailoring process.

After all, the made-to-measure suiting experience should be an enjoyable one that culminates with a suit that is 100% you.

To achieve this, we’ve pulled together the following no-nonsense guide on preparing for your fitting, complete with all the tips and tricks to ensure your Oscar Hunt experience is second to none.

1) Finding your inspiration

Choosing exactly what kind of suit you want can feel a bit like throwing a dart blind folded. You’ve got a lot of choice but that’s also part of the beauty of shopping with Oscar Hunt.

As a first step, we recommend having a quick search for images of suits that appeal to you online. Start with terms like ‘classic men’s suiting’, or for those more daring ‘Pitti Uomo’. Simply sift through some of the images and save your favourites – this will help when culling down style and fabric options.

Instagram is also a fantastic tool for hunting down inspiration. Sartorial icons like Andreas Weinas, Alexander Kraft and  XXX. Trawling through their feeds will give you an idea of different styles (alongside a heavy dose of lifestyle envy).

When you ultimately come in for your fitting, don’t hold back from showing your Oscar Hunt fitter these images. It will help them steer you towards the right style for you and ensure you’re not lost in mountains of fabric swatches.

“Instagram is also a fantastic tool for hunting down inspiration.”

2) Reviewing the Oscar Hunt offering

In addition to this, visiting the Oscar Hunt website itself is a must. This will give you a good sense of our house style as well as potentially providing some additional inspiration.

If you’re intending for your suit to be worn at a specific occasion – think an end of year gala or a wedding– we having specific lookbooks you can consult. Even if you’re being fitted for a day-to-day business suit, we’ve got an extensive selection of styles that can be previewed on the site.

Beyond the looks themselves, our guidance section has a selection of guides on the best way to wear certain items – whether it be a navy suit or a tuxedo. The site also houses information on suiting specifics – from articles on buttons to lapel widths – and can assist in refining your criteria ahead of your fitting.

3) Reviewing your existing collection

The final step prior to your fitting is doing a thorough audit of your existing wardrobe. It’s sometimes alarming how many garments are there that you’ve simply forgotten about. This being the case, a good once over will ensure that you’re getting a piece that really builds on your existing collection and isn’t too similar to anything you already have.

At Oscar Hunt, we are firm believers that our garments are building blocks to one another and are easily refreshed when paired with a new jacket or pair of trousers. Keep this in mind ahead of your fitting as it will extend the life and versatility of your new piece.

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